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Everything You Should Know About Icon8 Upscaler

So you want to improve the quality of your fuzzy photo? There are several applications and websites accessible online that can accomplish this. So, which app is the best? We won’t know until we try them all. However, there is one photo enhancer application that has shown its efficacy, and that is Icon8 Upscaler. This website is highly famous among photo editing enthusiasts, so keep reading to the end to learn more.

What is Icon8 Upscaler

What comes to your mind when you see a good and interesting photo? You will be amazed and willing to give them a thumbs up if it is uploaded on social media. If it’s an image of a product, you may start to wonder about the seller and you may end up buying the product. That’s what Icon8 Upscaler does. With this site you can produce high quality photos in an easy and simple way for any purpose.

Icon8 Upscaler is a site that uses the latest and most advanced AI technology that functions as an image enhancer. This site can turn any low-res image into a high-quality image automatically without any professional touch.

Icon8 Upscaler claims that they can upscale your photos up to 8x without losing the quality. If you go to their website, you will see some of their portfolio in the main section of the site. That’s an extraordinary result. Not only makes your photos more super resolution, Icon8 Upscaler also enhances their beauty with very smooth editing.

Icon8 Upscaler basically has a number of other features that you can find on their page. In addition to relying on AI technology to enhance image quality, you can also use this site to create various types of illustrations, such as animated videos, educational illustrations and business illustrations.

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Advantages and Disadvantages

This application is so powerful. They can really make your blurred or damaged photo to be an amazing quality photo. However, even though the technology used is quite sophisticated, Icon8 Upscaler still has some drawbacks. Before we talk about the cons, let’s talk first about its good things.

First, Icon8 Upscaler is a website-based application, so you can access it using any device, including your phone. You will get 3 free trials for any type of photo. This is a good chance for you to enjoy their features without paying any money.

As previously said, Icon8 Upscaler can upscale your image up to 8x. This is a remarkable number. This website will undoubtedly provide you with a high-quality photograph. You have nothing to lose by trying because your images will improve and become more gorgeous as a result. They also have an easy-to-use website. Icon8 Upscaler is simple to use and does not require any complicated steps.

However, in order to obtain images without a watermark on this site, you must pay a charge per image or subscribe to a restricted membership. You can find out how much each plan costs by visiting their website.

Because this is an online website, it may take some time to receive your upscale image owing to a slow internet connection. So, in order to use a better Icon8 Upscaler, you must have a stable internet connection.

How to Use

Then, how to use the Icon8 Upscaler? This website basically has a user-friendly user interface, it is simple and easy to use.

To use it, you should first go to their website at Then, on the front page you can select “Browse” to select the photo you want to edit in resolution.

The good thing is that you don’t have to do anything because you already have your image on their website. Simply wait for the procedure to complete before downloading your upgraded image.

There are three options you can choose to download, download without watermark, enlarge to 4x and download with watermark. If you want to get an image without a watermark you need to upgrade your account to a premium one. You need to pay for it for sure.

After you place the download bar, your image will be saved on your computer. You can download your history to know where the place is usually saved on your computer.

If you don’t want to spend a lot of money upgrading this photo but yet want the same product quality, you may use the website. They also have an excellent AI site that may improve your blurred photo.